Building The New Plastics Economy - The Circular Solution - Jens Holmegaard of Shark Solutions

Nov 02, 2021, 02:30 PM

Building The New Plastics Economy - Jens Holmegaard - Part 4 of 4

This episode of Circularity Capital podcast will explore the opportunities, challenges and practical implications of building a new circular plastics economy, drawing from industry experts and practitioners. The podcast will comprise four elements with insight from a range of thought leaders in this space.
In this final part of our four-part series Andrew Shannon speaks with Jens Holmegaard who is Founder and CEO of Shark Solutions a Circularity Capital portfolio company which focuses on taking an existing waste stream and transferring that into a high performance, high margin polymer.

  • The problems solved by Shark’s products
  • “End of life PVB will not end up in nature”
  • Investment in time and energy is required to make the changes
  • “It takes someone to believe in the idea and solution”
  • Consistent quality is key
Time Stamp:
[4.35] Holistic approach to product development
[5.30] Technological property differences
[7.25] Where PVB use began for Shark
[9.00] Adoption by the customer base
[13.07] Consistent feedstock required in the process

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