105. Is Your Bias Getting in the Way?

Episode 105,   Oct 27, 2020, 07:00 AM

Whether you are looking to expand your team or applying for a new job, there is an expectation that the recruitment process is fair. 

But what happens when the final hiring decision is distorted by unconscious bias? Could you be biased without even realising it?

Dr Elsa Zegeng is a scientist and entrepreneur who is currently part of the executive team at recruitment startup Jobseekrs. Its primary purpose is to mitigate unconscious bias in the recruitment process and give everyone a chance at all job opportunities; regardless of race, name, ethnicity, gender or other factors.  

With more organisations actively looking and taking steps to create a more inclusive workforce, Elsa shares her thoughts on what is already being done and what actions can be taken to make a long-lasting and meaningful change. 

Listen now to discover how you can uncover your own unconscious bias. 

Host: Patricia Keating
Guest: Dr Elsa Zegeng, Jobseekrs https://jobseekrs.co.uk/

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Listening Time: 50 mins

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