Redefining retail in a digital business world

Oct 28, 2020, 10:00 PM
In this episode, I talk with Matt Rollens, the Founder and CEO of Dragon Glassware, an innovative lifestyle brand offering a variety of handmade, artisan glassware for the home and kitchen.  
Born and raised in the Sacramento region, Matt attended Sac State graduating during the great recession.  Facing a tough job market and with the encouragement of family and friends, he was inspired to start his own business - Dragon Glassware.  Dragon Glassware stemmed from Matt’s realization that while people are often passionate about what they drink, they are not always happy with what they are drinking from. He decided to solve that problem and is winning with high-quality glassware, beautifully designed and backed by amazing customer service. 

A digital native and passionate about the world of online retail and e-commerce, he shares how he was able to grow his company online and through Amazon.  He also provides insights on how to leverage social media and digital advertising to drive brand awareness and sales.  If you want to learn more from someone who’s been there, listen to the podcast!  And, if you need a cool gift for the holidays, check out his website below :

Instagram: @dragonglassware

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