Episode 98 - Discover How to Express the Creative Within

Season 1, Episode 98,   Nov 04, 2020, 08:54 PM

Episode 98 
Kate Duff
Kate Duff is a poet and storyteller. Owner and editor of Audacity Magazine, an online publication that highlights the creatives amongst us, musicians, authors, artists, etc, and shares their stories forming an all very engrossing read.
There is nothing she loves more than writing poetry and through others reading her words, feels a resonance with them. “You’re the voice in my head” is how one lovely lady put it which was wonderful feedback. 
After a bit of a low year in 2019, Kate made the decision that it was now or never to start pushing on with the dreams that she had when she was much younger and to begin writing. 
Poetry had by then become a firmly entrenched love and so she produced and published her first poetry book “Healing the Broken Things”.  Although Kate knew nothing about self-publishing and is first to say she lacked even the most rudimentary skills of marketing, her book was a great success. Kate’s second poetry book, “The Steps we Take Within” was launched in October 2020.
In this episode, Kate explains that even though she is not making a pile of money that isn’t how we should always measure success. She is now living the life of her dreams and waking up happy and inspired every morning. Kate believes that is success in a nutshell and if this is all you get in this life – then we should be more than satisfied to keep living this way. 
Kate believes that we should all follow our hearts and intuition. That creativity is an energy that allows you to feel heard.
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