Episode 99 - Tips to Being Found on Online

Season 1, Episode 98,   Nov 18, 2020, 08:45 PM

Episode 99
Nici Bickley
Nici Bickley is a self-proclaimed software nerd with an addiction to learning. With over 20 years working for a software company and climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, Nici then branched out to create her own company; Autom8Now; helping to simplify software, social media, and SEO for small businesses. With a background in tech, teaching, and customer service she can explain software in simple terms.
In this episode, Nici explains why it is crucial for businesses to have a strong digital presence and to automate as much as possible so owners can get some time back in their lives.  
Nici shares valuable information on how to be seen on social media and found on search engines. She talks about how to overcome the biggest problems of time, content, and tech women find when trying to be found online.
You can find Nici on many platforms with the handle autom8now – Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube – follow her for the tech tips for small businesses - just search for Autom8Now and if you need some help with social media/SEO/software then check out some of her packages on www.autom8now.com.au
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