Stampsy & Josh October 26-30

Oct 30, 2020, 01:22 AM
On this podcast:

  • Josh explains why your body makes certain noises. And while one in particular could save your life?
  • Stampsy wants to know if you hear "Green Needle" or "Brain Storm"?
  • Dustin Martin had a sliding doors moment, and it reminded Stampsy that she had a sliding doors moment... and it includes Josh.
  • We asked you about your horrible school photo experiences
  • Stampsy commentates a fight between a koala and a kangaroo on the streets of NSW.
  • Josh has come across pick up lines that are still being uses on dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble.  Who you swipe right for them?
  • Oreo have potentially launched the best PR campaign of all time.
  • Josh wants to know, "where'd you get the leech?"

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