#052 The Halloween Issue

Episode 52,   Oct 31, 2020, 05:27 AM

Welcome to the Cryptid Factors first ever Halloween Special! And given how it all went, it may well just be the last! Rhys, Dan and Buttons bring you a *true* spooky story each, which includes a Vampire, a W*ndigo and Poltergeist. We dare you to see if you can get through the utter scariness of it all (let alone the total messiness)! Also a bonus treat of some NZ based cryptid news and we revisit our old mate Mr Boon to hear one of his wonderful Cryptid ditties! Enjoy!

*TRIGGER WARNING* In this episode we discuss the mythological evil spirit of the Algonquian First Nations people. After the episode was recorded we have learnt that it can be insensitive to either write the full name of the creature or to mention its name, as it is believed that doing so can conjure the spirit. For this reason we have muted the word in the episode and altered the name in the episode description.