MOVE is in the Heart: Episode 25 (The West Philly MOVE Bombing, and the Real History of Thanksgiving)

Nov 02, 2020, 11:00 AM
This episode we stack up our multi-colored scrunchies and sip on some Triple Berry Wine Coolers in honor of Tux’s 80’s scandal. This classic retro cocktail is a fruity refreshing treat that is very easy to make (hint hint)! Treat yourselves!
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ALSO DISCUSSED:Cutting the mustard, MTV’s Diary, #notallblackpeople, Karen, More Than a Crush podcast, when the groove is coming from inside your heart, Festivus, Tux’s mental gymnastic genes, the Mary Had a Little Lamb empire, shopping holidays, wholesome buckles, sturdy white men, Masters of Social Gastronomy podcast, the co-opting of Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springstein’s songs.

TUX shines a light on that day in Philadelphia when law enforcement dropped a bomb on a civilian neighborhood and let the fire burn. We toast to black lives and black communities!

STEPHANIE explores the invention of Thanksgiving in honor of Native American Indian Heritage month. We raise our glasses to massacres, myths, and the making of our beloved November holiday!

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