"Political Party" w/ Adam Smith: Adam Goodman 10-30-20

Nov 02, 2020, 02:30 PM
Republican media consultant Adam Goodman four years ago predicted Donald Trump would win the White House. when almost nobody thought so. This year, the longtime Tampa Bay GOP operative again sees a very plausible path to victory for Trump, and he lays it out in the latest Political Party with Adam Smith.

“I think he’s going to carry Pennsylvania,” said Goodman, also optimistic that the president will win the neck and neck battlegrounds of Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida.

Goodman these days spends much of his time in Washington as a partner at Ballard Partners, though he remains a St Petersburg voter.

In 2016, Trump won Florida by 113,000, despite being behind on Election Day by roughly 250,000 votes. This year Republicans had seen a path to victory if they were behind by as much as 350,000 votes on Election Day, he said. “If it’s actually at 300, 375, 350 (thousand votes) we’re feeling very bullish – unless you factor in one other thing. Could there be meaningful Republican defection?”

As of Friday morning, registered Democrats had cast about 160,000 more votes than registered Republicans in Florida, though nobody knows yet how they voted.

Check out the full episode for Goodman’s insight on why Republicans who can’t stand much about Trump still support him, what he thinks of his old business partner, Rick Wilson, leading the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, how Biden blew it in Pennsylvania, and much more. #stpetecatalyst #adamsmith #florida #politics #floridapolitics #tampabay #radio #Radiostpete