Spotlight on Client, Liz Anderson

Nov 07, 2020, 10:00 PM

This week on Dorothy and The Dealer, Mitch and Mills chat with good friend and client, Liz Anderson, about how she transformed her life from one of struggles and surviving to really, truly LIVING.

Sometimes the universe really does conspire to get you in the right place at the right time.

And nothing could be truer for this week’s Dorothy and the Dealer guest, and our good friend and client, Liz Anderson.

At a relaxing yoga retreat, right around the time she was having BIG difficulties in her life, she bumped into Mitch’s wife Ange and our MJB heart-ninja Querida, which set her on her transformational journey. 

With her marriage “hanging by a thread”, MJB seemed like the perfect answer, and just a few hours into her first day at Master Mind and Money in Melbourne, she knew she’d made “the best decision of my life”.

“Every single thing you guys said was talking directly to me.” 

Unpacking her story wasn’t an easy task though. From a mum who passed away when she was just six years old and a father who remarried multiple times. To step-mums who inflicted perceived mental abuse and getting into her own marriage with hardships at only 20. 

Her life became about simply SURVIVING, rather than LIVING.

- Feeling like she had to achieve something.
- Always thinking the rug was going to get pulled out from underneath her.
- Putting herself in positions where she could spend the rest of her life trying to get back what she already had. 

But after realising the burden she had been carrying (and having the freedom to put it down), her life really felt like it was coming together. 

And now? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out how successful she is! (Hint: She’s opening a fourth shop during a pandemic… )