Building Human Connections in a Virtual-First World

Nov 04, 2020, 12:30 AM
In the first episode of the Danske Advantage Podcast, our host Dr. Wendy Austin MBE is joined by Caroline van der Feltz, Danske Bank’s HR Director, to discuss the challenges of embracing digital solutions and improving human connections in our new virtual-first environment.

How can we stay connected when staff are working virtually and customers are turning to digital solutions rather than visiting branches?

What challenges to digital solutions post to diversity and inclusion? How can we ensure diversity and inclusion are enabled?

How have Danske Bank’s staff embraced digital solutions?

Has there been a change in leadership style as a result of the new digital-first reality?

What impact has it had on staff morale and engagement?

And how much easier is recruiting for specialist positions in a digital environment?

Find out in the first episode of the Danske Advantage Podcast! Listen and subscribe today.