Jamie Laing - 22 Ladies In One Night - Spencer Matthews Acid Trip & 3 Broken Ribs From Brad Thorn.

Season 3,   Oct 21, 2020, 09:00 PM

What an honour it is to be joined by one of the most famous faces on television over the last ten years in Mr Jamie Laing. Not only is he a media personality on 'Made In Chelsea' but also an incredibly successful entrepreneur who is the founder of the fastest growing confectionary band in the UK in 'Candy Kittens'.

We discuss; being sent off to boarding school at a tender age, weird prep school memories, discovering porn, the networking availabilities at The Feathers Ball, getting with over 20 ladies in one night, rugby tours to Italy, the best public school holiday spots, spin the bottle in Cornwall, beef with the harrow boys, failing his exams at Radley, his weird experiences at MPW, getting loose at Leeds uni, his real thoughts on his cast members on MIC, how Candy Kittens has become the most succesful confectionary band in the country, playing rugby for england in a charity match and getting destroyed by ex all black Brad Thorn, his ambitions for Strictly Come Dancing and much much more....

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