Ugo Monye - Boarding School Memories With Johnny Wilkinson - Danny Care's Punch Up At Infernos & Andy Powell's Loosest Ever Night Out

Season 3, Episode 6,   Nov 19, 2020, 12:01 AM

Today we're joined by Harlequins, England & Lions legend Ugo Monye and things get incredibly loose. 

Ugo reveals all about; 

  • Growing up in inner city London
  • Falling in love with Rugby 
  • What Johnny Wilkinson was like at school 
  • Touring the world lashing it up with the England 7's boys. 
  • His memories of his England debut and the nights out which followed. 
  • An infamous end of season harlequins lash up when Danny Care got into a spot of bother with the bouncer in Infernos, which ended up in the biggest scrap ever seen by the naked eye. 
  • How we can save 7's Rugby. 
  • Archies new line of clothing for the winter. 
  • The loosest Lions tour ever recorded. 
  • Andy Powell nearly loosing his life on a night out and much much more.. 

We also discuss; boarding school memories, a strong economy, vaccines, love life, breaking lockdown and any other stupidity/words of wisdom which pop into the disturbed genius mind of Mr Archie Curzon. 

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Stay Safe 
Love & Champagne 

Freddy & Archie