Episode 1 - Ben 'Pops' Foden - Dwarf Tossing - Teammates Secrets & Toothbrush Initiations.

Oct 14, 2020, 09:30 PM
What a delight it is to be joined by Ben Foden from across the pond; to kickstart Season 3 in style! The Ex Sale, Northampton and England full back is leaving no stone unturned as he relays all the wonderful stories and secrets from his career in rugby both on and off the field. We discuss; the trials and tribulations of living in New York, cutting loose in his teammates frat house, celebratory nights out in Las Vegas, the standard of rugby in America, American rugby culture, initiations, nights out, his love for private schools, toothbrushes and spin the bottle, auditioning for Pop Idol, his England memories, beef with Charlie Hodgson, bum flicks, ball grabs, the infamous nights out in NZ during the world cup, dwarf tossing, the truth about Hakell's involvements, his two week marriage and the story behind Thom Evans & Nicole Scherzinger's first kiss - plus much more.

We also discuss Archies views on the new 'three tier system', his admiration to be locked up at university, his business updates and tips and of course a lot more C.H.A.T & pure stupidity.

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Freddy & Archie