The Rig Biz - Series 2 Trailer - The Return of 'The Rig Biz' featuring Nick Heath #LifeCommentary

Jun 03, 2020, 10:25 PM
After three months in isolation/quarantine the boys are back brimming with banter and are ready to part their wisdom on all those who are looking to better themselves post lockdown and take advantage of these crazy times we're living in.

Archie was alone for three months in his flat in Clapham and experienced a whole host of highs and lows, but most importantly has come to the realisation that there are some huge changes in his life he wants to make. One in particular that may change the course of his life forevermore. Also featuring in this episode is the incredible @nickheathsport who has warmed the hearts and souls of the nation during lockdown by creating his must watch viral #LifeCommentary videos.

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