Strange New Worlds - Part 27 - The FAXE of Life

Season 2, Episode 28,   Nov 06, 2020, 02:00 PM

Having stocked up on some interesting goodies, the team comes across an opulent chamber at the centre of an ugly planet.

Join us as we use the DM as a straw man to confront God’s machinations, we attempt to gain a sponsorship deal from a brand of super-strength Danish lager, discuss how Aaron is a naughty boy’s name, and even manage to be rude in character!

What horrors will the Xamaron CSI team discover? Should you keep your mysteriously acquired rebreather next to your Fleshlight? Will Hud manage to successfully stuff those holes? Get your FAXE straight, in this edition of Espersito!

Welcome to our Esper Genesis podcast, telling the brand spanking new story of an unlikely group of galactic nobodies caught up in something far bigger than they expected. Listen as their tale unfolds and they find new and exciting ways of making the games master despair. This truly is D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaace.
Think science fiction. Expect to find; Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Firefly, Rick and Morty and Red Dwarf. Esper Genesis is a science fiction TTRPG compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
Credits: Jon Coleman (GM), Aaron Madray (Colm ‘Hudd’ Hudnarajan), Mike Cole (Aldora the Explorer), Tom Owen (Rebook Ungart), Tom Kirk (Dumas Corriban)