RF Podcast Episode 18: Pranav Soneji LiveWire Sport

Season 1,  Nov 07, 2020, 09:00 AM

Welcome back to the Renaissance Foundation Podcast,

A Podcast about inspiration, made by the young people at our youth charity.

We recently spoke with Pranav Soneji, Co-founder and director of LiveWire Sport, a digital agency, that creates content for brands and broadcasters to reach new audiences. They have worked with the Premier League, The FA, Wimbledon, World Rugby, Channel 4, ATP Media, FC Inter & Tottenham Hotspur to name a few.

We really enjoyed speaking to Pranav who shared his incredible career journey with us starting from print journalism, to the BBC to founding his own digital media agency. Pranav was full of great advice, wisdom and positivity for the future. He also spoke about a brand new initiative Live Wire launched called The Diversity in Digital Mentoring Program. This initiative looks to address the lack of representation in media, and looks at diversity in multiple ways including, ethnicity, gender, accessibility and geolocation. 

Thanks so much for speaking with our youth charity, sharing your advice and inspiring us about careers in media. We really enjoyed this chat and would love to get you back for another one, you were really easy to talk to and I definitely feel we only scratched the surface of what we could have spoken about.

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