From Darkness to Light...

Oct 26, 2020, 08:25 PM
Season 4 Finale!
This episode is about molestation/child sexual abuse and my experiences as a child and my experiences now as a parent and setting boundaries. I am not a licensed professional but I know sharing my story can and will help others.
"If you are a survivor of sexual abuse please speak out and share your story,you are not alone. The child you save could very well be your own!" @skybleu7
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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
01:36 Happy Thoughts Segment***
Couples Facebook Marriage Group:
Out With the Old In With the
04:30 Is your relationship struggling?
Couples Coaching Group:
06:51 Connection 7: A FUN & NEW Family Card Game **COMING NEXT MONTH!**
08:40 The Topic - Molestation & Child Abuse
10:40 Darkness to Light Foundation -
16:30 Mis Informed...
22:40 You don't have to stay there...
24:34 1 Peter 5:10
40:05 Power of a Praying Parent -®-Parent-Stormie-Omartian/dp/0736957677
42:52 Stewards of Children the APP -
46:00 Kids have boundaries too
51:30 Desensitization