Stand for YOU!!!!

Oct 19, 2020, 08:08 PM
Wow! Someone did not want this episode to come out because I had every problem I could possibly have saving AND uploading this file!!!! Enjoy this Storytime with Ty!
Check your habits, check your heart, and check on your healing these could be holding you back from where God is trying to take you.
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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
02:25 Happy Thoughts Segment
05:10 How the social media fast blessed me...
12:10 Feeling lost myself!
16:01 Season 5 Premiere Date?
17:53 Get your notes or your notebook ready...
25:11 Story Time!!!
31:15 Stand to the 3rd Power
33:10 Point 1
33:12 Point 2
33:30 Point 3
41:10 Chameleon
50:15 Closing