Passion VS Purpose...

Jun 08, 2020, 05:00 AM
As this season comes to an end we wanted to make sure we left you with some steps for finding your purpose, if you are on your own Purpose driven journey don't forget to join us for our June "Self Discovery" Challenge! ----> Subscribe today for free!!!
Season 4 start on August 3rd!!!!!!! Enjoy this break to listen to some other podcasts...Season 4 will be full of guests and full of new topics!!!
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Show Notes:
00:40 Intro
02:07 These Protests
11:03 Ways to Fight Systemic Racism Spiritually
11:27 Happy Thoughts! **Segment
Beyond The Limits: A Journey To True Passion By Deborah Anthony ----->
The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Discipline for Ordinary People By John Ortberg ------>
20:16 Free Self Discovery Challenge!
18:28 Favorite "Journal Entry" **Segment
26:23 Passion Testimony
32:30 Purpose Journey
41:35 God uses our passion for his purpose
43:21 Clarity
46:17 Reevaluate your, why?
54:14 Email is your testimonies
54:39 Sad time!
55:38 Goodbye Melody
56:00 Thank You!!!!!