Big Homies House E:38 - Freaky Tales

Nov 09, 2020, 05:00 PM
It’s episode 38 of THE BIG HOMIES HOUSE and this week, we got Big Homie Beli, Big Homie BJ, Big Homie Tyni, Big Homie Ms London 

We had the homies in this week, and we are wrapping up election season, Lil Wayne has joined the ranks of Donald Trump, along with Lil Pump.. they canceled ? Has the Shaderoom gone too far, have we evolved past the need for the Shaderoom? We dip into the BET Hip Hop awards, winners and losers, are the City Girls the best group in rap??? And we get into the life of our resident Mattress Actress, Ms. London!

Tap in with the homies!!!!

 This weeks Homies are:

Ms. London, XXX, Onlyfans, BET Hip Hop awards, City Girls, JT Yung Miami, My Turn, Lil Baby album, Savage Remix, President Trump, President Biden, 2020 Election, Stop The Count,