Veteran Entrepreneurship | Unique Challenges and Opportunities

Nov 11, 2020, 10:00 PM
Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day, I sit down with my main man, the Marine entrepreneur Marcus Haney, to share the latest updates in his journey from serving our country as a marine to building his company as an entrepreneur.  We talk about the opportunities and challenges he has faced on and off the battlefield and reflect on our book called” ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE” which documents Marcus’ story while also honoring the triumphs of other successful local entrepreneurs.  
As always on this day, my heart is filled with respect and gratitude for all who have fought for our country.  Thank you for your service. 
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Mark Haney is a serial entrepreneur that has experience growing companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently the CDO and founder of HaneyBiz, a business services platform that helps entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs. HaneyBiz offers outsourced accounting, digital marketing, HR, and investment opportunities.