Championing charitable change through creative imagination, with Alistair Hall and Kirsty Telford

Nov 16, 2020, 03:00 AM
Hidden behind a secret door, in a fantastical shop, lies an ingenious organisation that is unlocking societal change in the most creative of ways.

In episode 1 of series 10, Holly meets Alistair Hall, one of the founders, and Kirsty Telford Deputy Director of the charity, The Ministry of Stories and its retail space Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

The Ministry of Stories, aims to inspire young people to transform their lives through the power of creative writing, and is hidden behind a secret door in a magical shop. The epitome of retail theatre, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, not only brings the writing school to life and sparks the imagination of every child that walks through their doors, it also acts as a commercial driver to the charity.

In this episode Holly discusses with Alistair and Kirsty the future of both retail and charity and how both industries are crying out for entrepreneurialism to combine them and create entertaining, educational experiences that make them meaningful to the community. 

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