S3E4: Facing Fears with Fiona Grayson

Nov 17, 2020, 04:15 PM

We discussed: managing your fear of public speaking, the realities of femxle entrepreneurship, how to moderate a discussion, conversational techniques, standing up for yourself vs standing up for others, conflict resolution and asking for something without feeling cringe. 

Fiona Grayson is the Founder of She can. She did., the UK's first Benefits Programme for self-employed womxn in the UK that's on a mission to bridge the gap between femxle founders' ambition and what current business infrastructure fails to offer them.

Initially launched by Fiona Grayson, 28, in the summer of 2017, She can. She did. has grown by providing the honest realities of what really goes on behind the scenes to not just launch but run, grow and sustain a business as a female founder in the UK to date. After noticing recurring challenges crop up in every interview and conversation that Fi was having with femxle founders - be it on the She can. She did. podcast, at the Midweek Mingles or in general conversation- Fi and her team spent lockdown building the She can. She did. Benefits Programme to confront and combat these challenges head on by providing all self-employed womxn in the UK with access to the health and financial benefits that come hand-in-hand with a corporate career as well as a whole host of additional incentives too.

You can find She Can. She Did on their Instagram, their website and listen to the podcast here.

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Producer: Florence Bavanandan 

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