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Welcome to the Clear Voice Podcast! My name is Florence and my vocal journey started when I was training to be a classical singer. I performed at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and Alexandra Palace (to name a few!). I toured extensively throughout the UK as well as working in Europe and Asia. I have done session work for the BBC and Channel 4 and have recorded numerous times at Abbey Road Studios. Sounds great, doesn't it?!

Well not quite, something wasn't right. I wasn't fulfilled, I was miserable and anxious. The only satisfaction I gained from my work was teaching and working with individuals to find their voices. So I started to change my focus and set up a business coaching young artists in the patriarchal world of pop.

During this time, I found that I was being spoken over, ignored, interrupted and disregarded. My ideas weren't given any time until they were brought up again weeks later by a male colleague. But I was a confident, opinionated, intelligent person with gravitas and experience, so why was this happening and how could I stop it?

A few things then changed. I discovered some amazing female role models, read a lot of feminist literature and started to employ the techniques I'd used to have a successful performance career and hold space on a stage to hold space off stage. Things started to move, I was being listened to, I didn't have to compromise on my ideas or become one with the patriarchy.

And so Clear Voice was born. A place where women support and inspire other women to be confident in their voices and to be heard.

But it's not just about me. There are so many things that women are speaking out against and so many stories that we have to tell. Each week I will be joined by a different guest who has found their voice and is using it for change. I hope you will find their stories helpful wherever you are on your journey to finding your voice.