Sexuality OCD; Embracing Uncertainty.

Season 1, Episode 6,  Nov 23, 2020, 08:00 AM

This episode shines a light on a specific subset of OCD; Sexuality OCD. Ohhh yes, OCD just loves a good chomp on the old "I need to be 100% certain of my sexual orientation" biscuit.

A whopping 10% of people with OCD struggle with this particular theme. And yet, it is a far cry from the more widely presented "I like keeping my desk organised, I'm a bit OCD" stereotype.

Beth chats with her best mate and house mate, the wonderful Sophie Shepphard. Sophie is an art curator and maker of the best risotto in South London. She can also sing higher notes than Aled Jones, but that’s by the by. They take a deep dive into the discussion of their own experiences of Sexuality OCD, plus ramble themselves into the random realms of dating, the magic of being single and the ever burning question; can horses do a 69?

For help and support, please visit OCD UK at and OCD Action at

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