Navigating Uncertainty: Meetings & Event Sales and Revenue Management

Nov 24, 2020, 04:00 PM
Today we are joined by:

🔹 Niki Van den Broeck – Manager of Business Development at Get Into MoRe (

Today we discuss elements of a whitepaper Get Into More have put together called:

Navigating Uncertainty, which looks at Meetings and Event Sales and Revenue Management

During the discussion we touch on:

🔸What are the Certain Factors we do know and what are the uncertain factors we need to keep constantly in mind - posing the question, is this the new normal or the temporary abnormal?
🔸5 key principles touching on the customer, data and value proposition
🔸FREE Meetings survival pack Get Into MoRe are offering to hotels

🎞 If you would like to watch the discussion, here is the link:

🔗Link to Whitepaper:
🔗Link to Survival Pack:

🗣 Feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts. We’re always interested to hear from you and happy to follow up with our guest on any questions.

Here are the chapters:
0:00    Intro
1:12    Brand Intro
2:08    Guest Intro
4:44    Factors that are ‘Certain’
11:28  Factors that are ‘Uncertain’
16:50  5 Key principles
29:49  FREE Meetings Survival Pack
30:36  Wrap up
31:39  Subscribe and other videos

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