109. Cutting the Cost of International Transactions

Episode 109,   Nov 24, 2020, 05:27 PM

Have you ever been hit with expensive transaction fees while using your card abroad? Having been burned on holiday by expensive card transaction charges the founders of Currensea decided there had to be a more convenient product. 

The former investment bankers launched their new venture in January 2020, a perfect time, when many of us are planning annual holidays, to launch a product to cut the cost of transactions abroad. 

However, just a few months later the world as we know it stopped and the travel industry was grounded. 

The founders of Currensea had no choice but to adapt to the shifting landscape. And despite the obvious challenges the fledgling company onboarded 5,000 customers in quarter one alone and has achieved quarter-on-quarter cardholder growth of over 230%. 

How have they done it? 

Currensea’s founders James Lynn and Craig Goulding talk to Trish about their journey so far and discuss why there is never a good time to start a business!

Britain in Business report

How COVID-19 and Brexit are affecting SMEs and advice on how they can power through this challenging time. Includes insight from Mastercard, Visa’s former CEO and the founders of Currensea.

Host: Patricia Keating
Guests: James Lynn and Craig Goulding www.currensea.com

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