Ed Jackson To The Rescue - The Podcast That Almost Went Wrong - From Suffering Paralysis To Summiting Everest

Season 3, Episode 7,  Nov 26, 2020, 12:05 AM

Due to a lack of legal fees thanks to some dodgy investments in Biltong and a lot of A.C.Ltd's money being spent on our Christmas Number 1 record and subsequent music video - we're unable to bring you the Liv Bentley Interview we recorded.

However, like all great businessmen Archie always has a trick up his sleeve and that comes in the form of the most impressive person we've ever had on the podcast in Mr Ed Jackson.

A couple of years ago Ed experienced a freak incident when he accidentally dived into the shallow end of his friends swimming pool, leaving him paralysed from the neck down. Ed had to fight for his life in the hours which followed, having to be resuscitated 3 times from cardiac arrest in the space of two hours. Today we discuss his incredible story from being paralysed to climbing the length and breadth of the worlds tallest mountain. We also discuss his flat becoming the messiest go to place for house parties in wales, including Andy Powell moving into the sofa, his boarding school memories, big nights out in Bath, upsetting the locals in Doncaster, his Northcote road memories and much more....

We also discuss;
- A.C Ltd's new Vaccine Candidate
- Farrell vs Farrell
- Umbro
- The end of lockdown
- Our Christmas number 1
- Upcoming Bonuses & all the ridiculousness you expect....

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Stay Safe 
Love & Champagne 

Freddy & Archie