Episode 4: #GiftOfWords with Arsenia Tate

Nov 27, 2020, 07:42 PM
In this time of a pandemic and ever-increasing demands on schools, how are educators supposed to make room for "something extra"? Arsenia Tate, Episode 4's guest for the #GiftOfWords podcast miniseries, believes that teaching kids lessons in inclusion, diversity, and mindfulness is not optional, but essential. She breaks down how school leaders can transform these popular buzzwords into daily realities.

Building bridges over society's fault lines starts with hearing each other's stories. Artists, teachers, students, and activists wield their words in interviews with Michelle Haberberger of YourWords STL. Gather wisdom from those working toward equity in one of the nation's most divided cities.

YourWords STL is a non-profit organization that uses tutoring, creative writing workshops, and collaborative projects to help amplify the voices of St. Louis youth. Learn more at http://www.yourwordsstl.org.

Our intro sounds are provided by Joey Ferber. Our outro sounds are from the song "For Me" on Aysia Berlynn's new album, Synth & Soul.

Guest Biography

Arsenia is also an EdHub Fellow. Her transformative education project is to develop a Culturally Responsive Teaching Model for Catholic Education called CARE+.
Caring Catholic
Awareness Toward Achievement 
Responsiveness to Childhood Development 
Equity in teaching, Excellence for all
Plus (+) Preparing the whole child in the context of Faith and Action 

The CARE+ model includes; ABAR language building blocks for PK-8, DEI Standards, Culturally Responsive Teaching Reports, Differentiated ABAR Training for Educators, School-wide DEI Programming, and Parent Education opportunities. 

Arsenia is also a mindfulness practitioner and educator. She teaches mindfulness with a DEI lens to grades 3rd-8th and is also a 2020 Graduate of Mindful Schools.