Episode 5: #GiftOfWords With Gerald Burton Jr.

Nov 29, 2020, 04:32 PM
This finale episode of the #GiftOfWords podcast features Gerald Burton Jr., a Dream Builders 4 Equity participant with a big future ahead of him. Let this young visionary inspire you with his passion for equality and his determination to succeed.

Building bridges over society's fault lines starts with hearing each other's stories. Artists, teachers, students, and activists wield their words in interviews with Michelle Haberberger of YourWords STL. Gather wisdom from those working toward equity in one of the nation's most divided cities.

YourWords STL is a non-profit organization that uses tutoring, creative writing workshops, and collaborative projects to help amplify the voices of St. Louis youth. Learn more at http://www.yourwordsstl.org.

Our intro sounds are provided by Joey Ferber. Our outro sounds are from the song "For Me" on Aysia Berlynn's new album, Synth & Soul.

Guest Biography

Gerald Alonzo Burton Jr. is an 18-year-old senior at Mehlville High school and a member of Dream Builders 4 Equity. In his spare time, he enjoys creating reflective poems as well as enhancing his journalistic abilities.