Freedom Costs a Buck O Five: Episode 26 (Japanese detention centers in America & the hypocrisy of Edwin Meese III)

Dec 07, 2020, 11:00 AM
On this very special episode of Beyond Reproach we are joined by Jesse Dorris (@jessedorris), a journalist and friend of the pod. Tux and Jesse swap scandals while Stephanie gets tastefully drunk. The Aviation cocktail is resurrected from the 1940s to pair with Tux’s scandal. This stunning lavender drink features Crème de Violette liqueur. Pinkies up y’all, it's a fancy one!

ALSO DISCUSSED: Freedom costing $1.05, buying a Kia, a bag of rusty nickels, George Nakashima, George Takei, ICE detention centers, Accessible Art History podcast, the injustice league, parental advisory labels, woke Bill Kristol, Peggy Noonan, Law & Order SVU, the LAPD’s delorian, doing it for the nookie, our new sex tape review podcast, Jasmine Masters, and Turd Cruz.

TUX explores one of the worst violations of civil rights in the 20th century, Japanese detention centers on American soil. We toast to refusing to learn from our mistakes and repeating them over and over again!

JESSE walks us through the hefty legacy and extraordinary hypocrisy of Edwin Meese III.

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