Stampsy & Josh Nov 30 - Dec 4

Dec 07, 2020, 12:43 AM
On this podcast:

  • Stampsy made a workplace confrontation WORSE with her awkwardness
  • Josh asks "What did you hide from your partner?" after one man pretended his new gaming console was an air purifier.
  • Stampsy is out of practice going out, an in the process makes Josh question if she can actually adult.
  • After seeing someone driving on Pako with a blanket where the back window should be, we asked "what's holding it together?"
  • You told us what you copped in the eye! 
  • After two men unlawfully used a tractor in Lorne, Stampsy had other things in 2020 she wanted to haul with the tractor.
  • Josh tells about a guy who was ejected from HIS OWN FUNERAL!
  • Did you hear about the family in South Australia who came home to find koala in their Christmas tree? Josh wanted to know what Geelong came home to find...

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