Reaching your STEPS: Coaching, motivation and goal setting.

Season 2, Episode 16,   Dec 11, 2020, 12:01 AM

Hardly a fortnight goes by without some stone being thrown into the 2020 pond to causes ripples. And few have felt it more than those students taking their exams in 2021. In addition to fairly significant disruption to schooling and probable isolation and remote learning, there have been regular questions over whether exams will take place. While the Government is determined that exams will take places, we have seen their cancellation in Scotland and Wales. Add to this the moving goalposts of exam content and you can only imagine that and already tricky time for our teens might feel like it’s spiralling. So, just how can we help rally them to find – or retain - their mojo and continue to prepare as best they can? 

In this week's episode, we're looking at motivation, goal setting and adopting a winning mindset.

Nathan McGurl, the founder of The Study Buddy, is joined by Professor Damian Hughes. Damian is an international speaker and best-selling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture. His 8 best-selling books include “The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset” and “How To Change Absolutely Anything”.  Damian also is the co-host of the hugely popular, entertaining and informative “High Performance Podcast”.

Drawing on his years of experience working with elite athletes and businesses, Damian explains the importance of being motivated by inspiration, rather than rational or desperation. He also talks about the role of outcome, performance and process goals. Damian also explores the role of accountability and responsibility. And. importantly, ends by describing the 5 STEPS he's identified to use coaching to create a winning mindset. This is a positive and constructive episode that will help parents and teachers to frame motivation as something that teens control, rather than feeling like a victim of their circumstance.

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