Exploring: N-Town, Plays 14 to 16 (Trial, Nativity, Shepherds)

Episode 171,   Dec 18, 2020, 12:16 PM

An exploratory read through and discussion of N-Town plays 14 to 16

Exploring: The N-Town Play, a slow burn look at a medieval Mystery (sort of) cycle. The N-Town Play comes to us as a single manuscript, but it's a compilation of various different sources - including elements from what looks like a cycle and various other large scale productions focusing on episodes from the Bible.
The journey continues with plays fourteen to sixteen - looking at the Trial of Mary and Joseph, The Nativity and the visit by some Shepherds.
The Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars this episode were Lynn Freitas, Eric Karoulla, Alan Scott, Tamara Ritthaler, Sarah Blake, Daniel Yabut, and Helen Good. The host was Robert Crighton

There are various online and purchasable versions of these texts available - here's a good one, but is in the original middle English and might put you off - others should be hunted for to taste.
Play texts start here: https://d.lib.rochester.edu/teams/text/sugano-n-town-plays-play-14-trials-of-mary-and-joseph
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