Stampsy & Josh Dec 14 - Dec 18

Dec 21, 2020, 01:35 AM
On this podcast:
* One man is lucky to be alive after falling on a boat's motor blades, so we wanted to know "how many stitches did you need?"
* Stampsy's day at the beach went down hill fast.
* Stampsy learned a valuable lesson when eating out on Lil Malop Street.
* One of the team walked into a planter box on Malop Street.
* Josh had to break the news to Geelong that Monday is the end of the world... again.
* Josh surprised Stampsy with the BEST PRESENT EVER... she met Georgie May Jeans.
* We asked you "why didn't they get a second date?"
* Josh has a list of inventions that could be in our homes in 2021.  Would you buy them?
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