Episode #341 - ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ Special: Heat Wave

Dec 29, 2020, 12:00 AM

The ReWatchable team comes together for a holiday movie viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol talking all things Scrooge and The Muppets!

Hosts: Danielle, Ariana, Kendra, Natalie, and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Our hosts this time around reveal their favorite Holiday specials. Ariana discusses the Downton Abbey season 2 Christmas Special (no not that one, the other one at the end). Natalie talks about Johnny’s great moment in the spotlight in the Schitt’s Creek Christmas special. Brittany turns to another wholesome family for the holidays with Bob’s Burgers season 10, episode 10. Kendra takes on a lesser watched, but thematically relevant flick with The Night Before. And Danielle talks about sexy ghosts in The Spirit of Christmas.

A Muppet Christmas Carol movie discussion
- Superfans: How many times have you seen this movie?
- Newbies: Initial thoughts? First reactions?
- The Muppets are front and center for a telling of a classic, does the story hit differently with puppets and music?
- Is Scrooge a villain?
- How does having a real person playing opposite all puppets feel?
- So much Muppet trivia
- The Dickens commentary hits differently in 2020
- Seriously, the 12-minute documentary is worth your time
- Muppets may be the best, but we can't help that other versions of the story fill in the blanks for Scrooge's history
- The Ghost of Christmas Past is scary and creepy, but the story there isn't
- Kermit, the everyman
- Miss Piggy had to hide her extraordinary talents
- Are there more expectations we had for The Muppets? Anyone get shut out?
- The lost song (it's coming back)
-Stay tuned after the credits for more Muppet controversy

- Favorite scenes
- Favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
- Let us know your favorite Muppet moments!

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