Woodredith: Episode 28 (America's First Female President Edith Wilson & McCarthyism and The Hollywood Blacklist)

Jan 04, 10:00 AM
In this episode we drink Washington DC’s native cocktail, the Gin Rickey. This classic drink, mentioned by name F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, ties to the era and location of Stephanie’s scandalous tale. 

ALSO DISCUSSED: Tux does a swear, Brokey McPoverty, Zales, drip, Cardi B, the Gigli era, being decrepit, a bag of disposable dicks, Spanish flu, Hashtag History Podcast, allied Mean Girls, brain chemistry, being tired and gassy, Teapot Dome scandal, Shared History Podcast, Willy Wonka, and Matthew McConaughey’s “range.”

STEPHANIE shines a light on the end of President Wilson’s political career. We toast to 2 things: to the great American tradition of lying about Presidential health but more importantly to our first female president.

TUX dives into the effects of McCarthyism on Hollywood. We raise our glasses to smear campaigns and to the knowledge that, in politics, fear and misinformation are much more powerful tools than facts or evidence.

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