Episode 102 - How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It

Season 1, Episode 100,  Jan 06, 2021, 05:09 AM

Episode 102
Kathleen Ann
A corporate escapee, Kathleen Ann is known as the “Money & Marketing Champion” for heart-centered women entrepreneurs (and enlightened men!). She is the Founder of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’ and holds multiple Money and Marketing Coach certifications.
As women notoriously undercharge and over-deliver and work too hard for their money Kathleen is on a mission to change that. She is passionate about helping women charge what they are worth and get it.
Her marketing expertise and insight has helped women around the world to stand out and position themselves as an expert in their field. As well as move away from charging by the hour and package and price their services instead, so they can charge what they’re worth and get it.
In this episode, Kathleen shares her years of expertise on why it is critical to find your specific market and create brand recognition rather than trying to serve everyone. She explains why it is important to discover what you are great at and do what you like to do.
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