Brake The Mould Parking Podcast with Flowbird's Kenny Scouller

Jan 12, 05:21 PM

In today’s episode, which is the exciting first episode of 2021 we are excited to be sharing our conversation with Kenny Scouller, Key Account and Senior Sales Manager at Flowbird. As a key member of Flowbird, the team which brings Urban Intelligence to the parking industry, Kenny is ideal perfect candidate to explore the future of parking and what the new world challenges we may need to overcome in 2021 and beyond.

Flowbird supports companies, communities and key industries by effectively organising, encouraging and managing mobility within cities, helping overcome the environmental, economical and every day challenges a city’s inhabitants may face in their day to day transportation and commute. From reducing pollution to applying innovative technologies, Flowbird is among the game changers within the industry. 

Their technology has created a clever solution to the growing need of sanitisation, offering a hand sanitiser solution for parking terminals – helping to make the public feel reassured when paying for or interacting with a payment terminal. With much of the country still relying heavily on cash in parking, solutions like these are critical. 

How can the parking industry be a leader in environmental excellence? We explore some of the solutions and try to answer the question of how we can create a more sustainable solution to cities' transportation industry. With technologies that can provide a surcharge to heavy polluting modes of transportation, will this act as a deterrent to drivers and further motivate them to select a more environmentally friendly mode of transport? Or will these deterrents fall on deaf ears? 

We thank Kenny for joining us and exploring some of these pressing questions, to identify how we can drive the industry into the future in a positive, safer way.