Body Image

Episode 2,  Jan 18, 2021, 04:00 AM

Bodies. We’ve all got one. And you never have a more challenging relationship with your body than when you’re a teenager. Whilst the teenage relationship with their body has always been difficult, this has been hugely exacerbated for modern teens, by the existence of the internet and social media. Young people don’t need to seek out a fashion magazine or watch another teen movie to feel inadequate about their physiques – specimens of physical perfection are blasted at them 24/7 from their smartphones with humblebragging hashtags like #soblessed and #wokeuplikethis. As a result, there is a pandemic of body anxiety amongst teenagers, resulting in all kinds of damaging behaviour in the quest for the body beautiful. We talk to a teenager who is getting treated for severe anorexia in a treatment hospital, another who developed severe orthorexia, cheered on by her Insta followers, and lots of teens about how they feel about their bods in the modern world. With expert advice from Deanne Goddard, a specialist of 35 years and founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, this is an episode that could well save you or your teen’s life. 

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