The Future

Episode 12,   Mar 29, 2021, 04:00 AM

The future really is a foreign, unknown country, and none of us have a crystal ball – but want to know the best way to be able to have a good idea about what is coming? Talk to young people! It’s really not a trite cliché that young people ‘are’ the future – but true.

Young people are the ones who have to live in the future, so it’s in their best interest to try and shape a future they all want to live in. This episode is a bit of retrospective of the series, where we summarise our findings and predictions, chat to teens we haven’t yet, bring back some of the superstars of the series and think ahead to future episodes. This will make you want to revisit future episodes and have those conversations all over again. Teenagers and all those people who know and care for teenagers want nothing more than the promise of a good, successful future – this episode and revisiting the whole series of You Don’t Know Me can help make that promise a little more certain.

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