Stampsy & Josh Jan 11 - Jan 15

Jan 18, 12:38 AM
On this podcast:
* Stampsy's had her car for 9 years and only just learned something about the seat. Yep, she was today years old!
* Josh ask you" what did the customer asked you", after a post online listed ACTUAL customer requests. Cringe!
* After Stampsy's reveal about her car, you messaged in about what you had only just learned.  We all learned something about capsicum here.
* What do you have a ridiculous amount of in your possession? We took your calls.
* A woman revealed that her husband ran his pizza slices under the cold tap before eating them.  So we wanted to know about your partner's food crimes.
* Tall people rang in to tell us about their tall people problems.
* Stampsy's eldest nephew is returning to mainstream school ahead of year 7 next year.  She had some not so helpful advice for him.
* There is a right way and an actual science to stacking the dishwasher.  Josh got Stampy's house mate on to talk about their dishwasher issues... which turned into an intervention. 
* I'm A Celebrity's Ash Williams got a tick on his tackle. But what got you on the privates? Ouch, we're squirming! 
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