Navigating Historical Family Trauma - An Interview with Phil Allen, Jr.

Episode 11,   Jan 21, 2021, 02:00 AM

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In this episode, Theologian, Poet, and Filmmaker, Phil Allen, Jr., discusses his experience uncovering the racially motivated murder of his grandfather (through his documentary) and the effects that trauma left on him and his family.

About Phil:
Phil Allen, Jr. is an emerging filmmaker and author of “Open Wounds: A Story of Racism, Trauma and Redemption.”  In the book and documentary of the same name, Phil revisits the murder of his grandfather, Nathaniel Allen, in the 1950s Jim Crow south. Sifting through guilt, pain and remorse, Phil confronts the fallacies surrounding Nathaniel’s death and finds a path to reconciliation and healing for those who survive him. An activist and theologian, as well, Phil discusses and dismantles the issue of racism in his podcast Intersections with Phil Allen, Jr.

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