Mark Gatiss, Screenwriter & Actor

Jan 22, 09:01 AM

“Never lose sight of your horizons. It’s important to move on, grow, develop. But it’s also good to know where you’ve come from and to keep looking back to it.” Screenwriter, actor, comedian, producer, director – Mark Gatiss is one of British television's most storied names. In an insightful interview covering his childhood in County Durham, remaining optimistic, LGBTQ+ representation and his involvement with the charity Queer Britain, Mark explains why he has always remained true to his roots.

Mark rose to prominence 25 years ago, as part of the hugely influential team behind The League of Gentlemen. Alongside Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson, the four brought their unique brand of humour to the mainstream, creating a critically-acclaimed series combining laughter, irreverence and horror. Mark’s career has taken him from Dr Who to Dracula, Wolf Hall to Westeros and perhaps most notably, 221B Baker Street as the co-creator of the BBC’s Sherlock alongside Steven Moffatt, where he also took a star turn as the eponymous Holmes’ brother, Mycroft. A story Mark is helping to tell today is that of Britain’s LGBTQ+ history, as a supporter of Queer Britain.