Episode 3,  Jan 25, 2021, 05:00 AM

Popularity is one of the most coveted ‘things’ for teenagers – all young people want to be seen as popular (both online and offline) and all parents want popularity for their kids. And yet, despite its importance, no one really understands what popularity is – what makes some teens popular and others less so? If you are popular, how did you get to be that way and what should you do with that popularity and equally what does it feel like to be unpopular or even bullied? In this episode, teens from across the popularity spectrum share their stories, and we examine the devastating impact of bullying and share ideas on how to help young people navigate the tricky minefield that is popularity. Featuring the voices and stories of teenagers and also expert and invaluable advice from author and behaviour advisor to the Department for Education, Tom Bennett, this is a must listen for those who are, know or care about teenagers!

If you are affected by any of the issues in this episode you can find information and support on our website Podimo.com/YouDontKnowMe.

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Producer: Rhyanna Coleman. Audio Engineer: Jon Scott.

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