Captain America Rumor Mill, Monkey Tail Beards, Big Tech Responsibility

Jan 25, 2021, 01:15 PM

  • “Wait, What Just Happened?!: Episode 1 — “Baking With Grandpa” is ready for your ears! If you need a break from the world, look no further. Crazy stories, crazy good fun!
  • Our accomplishments for the week cover a wide range of little things. How do our accomplishments make us feel? 
  • Early in the week we learned that Chris Evans is in talks to return as Captain America in the MCU in some form or another. We talk about all the excitement buzzing around his return and how the integrity of the MCU could remain intact.
  • Monkey tail beards are a thing and we are disturbed by them! In the meantime, check out the MTB that Terrance was rocking this past week over on our Twitter account. 
  • Family spends 9 years in a basement waiting for the end of the world. No we can’t make this up. What could have prompted them to go into hiding? What forced them out of hiding, and why didn’t they think anyone in the world was alive?
  • High school girl hands out cookies, made with grandfather’s ashes, at school. Seriously folks, we can’t make this stuff up! Is this some weird form of cannibalism? Did anyone get sick from eating the cookies? Hoooooowwwwww did they know?! But more importantly, how did they taste?
  • Porsche makes flying cars… actually they don’t. People just think they can fly. And if they can fly, they can crash -- into the second story of a home. Drive responsibly, kiddo’s!
  • The most important law that the state of Texas has passed so far: Unsolicited dick pics are now illegal! Politicians, watch yo’ messages! Nude lewd’s are not cool and you will be cock blocked. The moral of the story? WAIT UNTIL ASKED! 
  • In the spotlight: What would we do if we could live for 200 years? Our responses may surprise and interest you!
  • Those Were The Days COVID edition: Where is it that we want to travel to the most, but can’t due to restrictions? 
  • Recommendations
  • Interview with Sydney Mook, a reporter from The Grand Forks Herald on the responsibility of big tech and the freedom of speech.
  • Does the responsibility lie with the end user, or with the tech companies?
  • Should they be held accountable by law enforcement in all companies for what they say or the actions as a direct result?
  • Is the action these companies have taken in the past few weeks (banning hate speech and the users from these platforms) a violation of the first amendment, and why?
  • Is it even reasonable to ask the federal government to fund and govern a world-class broadband network utility – for everyone and what would that mean for Social Media platforms?
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