Ides of March, Rooster Kills Owner, Cocaine Corn Flakes, and Tik Tok

Mar 08, 2021, 06:54 PM

  • It’s time for your bimonthly episode of our podcast! This week we are joined by Katie from Grown Up Kids, and Swish and Flick! 
  • It’s MARCH… again! BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! Historically, the month does not have a good track record. We run through some events that happened in March history. 
  • We are now entering ONE YEAR of COVID-19 lockdowns, and the United States death toll crosses 500,000. We will always remember where we were last March when the announcements were made. How will history remember this major event?
  • WHAT IS TEXAS THINKING?! Governor Abbott announces all businesses can open at 100% capacity AND WITHOUT FACE MASKS! Only 13% of the population of 29 million people have received their FIRST DOSE of the vaccine. Why is this such a stupid decision and what burden does this place on employees that have to deal with customers face to face?
  • Kidnapped? We can all agree that we will not be taking advice from the guy who faked his own kidnapping IN ORDER TO SKIP WORK! We are also baffled by the amount of work this guy put into executing his plan. Simply doesn’t make sense!
  • Ready for this next one? A woman bites off the tongue of a guy, then a seagull swooped down and ate it! LOL! Talk about having a bad day. Dude lost his tongue and his dignity.
  • Frosted Cocaine Corn Flakes are a part of a nutritious breakfast. They’re GRRRREEEAAT at getting you in trouble with Customs and Border Patrol. 
  • So get this -- homeboy gets off the plane in Bangor, Maine and thinks he is in San Francisco. Spoiler alert, he made it to San Francisco after 3 days of realizing he was in the wrong city. 3. DAYS. 
  • Introducing the best segment ever: Real $#!t or Bull$#!t! Some of these headlines you won’t believe are real! 
  • Whodathunkit, Tik Tok is a guilty pleasure of all of us. We share some of our favorite videos and how much time we actually waste on the platform. It’s A LOT.
  • Pokemon and Animal Crossing are also a few guilty pleasures and we tell you all why we love the games so much! There’s one thing we can all agree on; Nintendo Switch is probably the best console for our generation!
  • Recommendations this week:
    • Terrance -- iPad Pro
    • Megan -- French Onion Soup by Half Baked Harvest
    • Katie -- Nintendo Switch
  • Katie is the ultimate clutch podcaster! We had so much fun this week and you all can find her on Grown Up Kids and Swish and Flick!
  • Thank you so much for your support and for sticking with us for the entire episode. Don’t forget to leave us feedback @wwjhpodcast on Twitter or e-mail us at
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