Mijente's Electoral Organizing with Arianna Genis

Season 2, Episode 42,   Jan 26, 2021, 05:03 PM

We kick off our 2021 winter season with a reflection on the presidential election, inauguration, and Latina/o/x political power. We talk with Latina Theory co-founder, Arianna Genis, about her recent accomplishments as well as celebrate Latina Theory's birthday (5 years!).

Arianna Genis is a xicana organizer, political campaigner, digital strategist, and storyteller. She’s led and won local candidate campaigns in Minnesota. In 2020, she dedicated her time to building the political power of the Latinxs with Mijente, leading efforts in the battleground state of North Carolina as part of a Fuera Trump, a successful nationwide campaign dedicated to mobilizing the Latinx vote to get Trump out, and most recently, jumped into the Georgia runoff election to help win back the Senate.

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