Black history is American History: Episode 29 (The Forgotten Story of Seneca Village, and the Origins of “40 Acres and a Mule”)

Feb 01, 11:00 AM
In this very special episode in honor of Black History Month we drink the iconic Knickerbocker cocktail. The term comes from OG Dutch settlers and refers to an old fashion style of pants. This New York City cocktail was popular in the 1850s, the era and the setting of Tux’s scandal. 

ALSO DISCUSSED: Sportsball, who shot JR, Tux’s altered sense of taste, 12 Years a Slave, Peculiar Picture Show, Harry Belefonte’s, iphone snitchery, Hashtag History, finkin’ it frough, Joni Mitchell, long ass receipts, town of Bushwick, eyelash beads, white supremacist unity, How to Save a Planet, and Soul Fire Farm.

TUX talks about the construction of Central Park and Seneca Village, one of 19th century New York's largest free black settlements. We toast to setting the record straight! 

STEPHANIE talks about “40 acres and a mule” and how the scandal of what happened to this land shows so much of what was possible at this one moment in history and what Reconstruction could have been if this country was about freedom and justice for all of its citizens. We raise a glass to a quote from Nikole Hannah-Jones’s essay in the 1619 Project.

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